PrayerLincs Video Series

Elevate Your Prayer Life

Learn how to enrich your prayer life! This is a four-step video series that will walk you through all the features of PrayerLincs and how to use them!

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Step 1    9:43min

Getting the Conversation Started

Learn what to pray for and see how to break through one of the biggest challenges, which is not knowing how to talk to God.

Step 2    7:53min

Know the God You're Talking To

In this episode, we discuss how God lives within you. You learn the breakthrough principles of how faith, developing a lifestyle of forgiveness and living as the temple of God paves the way for a powerful and impactful life.

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Step 3     7:36min

Developing a Community  

Learn how to use PrayerLincs to build community in your small group by connecting better in your consistency and rhythm of prayer.

Step 4    7:35min

Listening to God

Learn how to have a two-way conversation with God. Learn to journal these moments of clarity and set up reminders for your daily prayer rhythm.