PrayerLincs was created from a vision to meet important needs within our lives and the church in today's digital age!

Elevate Prayer 

Most prayer requests are shared in small groups and sent in emails, text messages or over social media. As a result, prayer requests are listed with all our other communications and not treated as special and important as they should. We believe the best way to elevate prayers is to send them on a platform that prominently displays them. Our prayer lives could be so much better if requests were received in a place especially designed for them! They can with PrayerLincs! Not only is PrayerLincs a dedicated platform but within PrayerLincs prayer requests are posted and sent separately from general messages creating an instant prayer list! 


Support Spiritual Growth and Community within the Church and Small Groups

Almost all religious software is centered around important needs of churches as a whole but not the small groups within them. Groups, whether within churches or other ministries, must choose between email, text messaging and social media apps that connect us but do nothing more. In fact, they most often bring more noise into our lives that deter our spiritual growth rather than enhance it. PrayerLincs is custom designed for Christian groups and provides all the features to support them!

Connect with All Faith Communities in Our Lives

PrayerLincs exists not only for a group to connect with us but for us to build our own faith network. This is important because our faith communities most likely span more than a local church or ministry. PrayerLincs allows you to seamlessly knit the various communities of your Christian life together. The result is all your prayers and messages from all your communities can now be in one place with PrayerLincs!

Build Quality Quiet Times

Many Bible reading and devotion resources presently exist on the internet but take time and effort to find. PrayerLincs does this work for us and provides links to the Bible, multiple Bible reading programs and many devotion websites from the private prayer list page! Have access to your prayer list, the Bible and daily devotionals in one place with PrayerLincs!

Join PrayerLincs today and experience the difference!