PrayerLincs Connects Christians!

PrayerLincs enables you to create your own groups unique to you! Start groups, share prayers, send messages, RSVP, share photos, view profiles, view calendars, know birthdays.



Shared within Groups:

Prayerlincs exists to improve your prayer life by having all your prayers from all Christian circles of your life in one place! Post and update prayers to all or one group instantly.





PrayerLincs also provides a special place for your own daily prayer journal.

- Enter private prayers manually or copy from your shared group prayers.

- Filter prayers by category

- Archive answered prayers to remember God's provision for you



Communicate all your group activities through PrayerLincs messages. There is a wide assortment of activities within a group that require communication and PrayerLincs allows you to have them in one place. Messages are great for coordinating events and RSVPs.



PrayerLincs assembles all your group information in one place with profiles of each person. You may provide general and contact information with group members. Groups also have the option to share background information and favorite activities and things with everyone. This is great for getting to know and ministering to each other.



Keep in the know of all activities through PrayerLincs calendars. Quickly see events scheduled and maps to events.


PrayerLincs is free!


PrayerLincs is also accessible over the web on any device at www.app.prayerlincs.com

​Your data is protected. We encrypt your information in data transmission and storage. Your privacy is important. We do not sell your personal information to third parties. You may delete your PrayerLincs account anytime