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PrayerLincs eBooks

Elevate Your Prayer Life

Learn how to use PrayerLincs to enrich your life! This is a four-step eBook series that will walk you through all the features of PrayerLincs and how to use them! 

Praise God

Step 1

Getting the Conversation Started

Learn what to pray for and see how to break through one of the biggest challenges, which is not knowing how to talk to God.

Step 2

Know the God You're Talking To

In this episode, we discuss how God lives within you. You learn the breakthrough principles of how faith, developing a lifestyle of forgiveness and living as the temple of God paves the way for a powerful and impactful life.

The Cross
Praying Hands

Step 3

Developing a Community

Learn how to use PrayerLincs to build community in your small group by connecting better in your consistency and rhythm of prayer.

Step 4

Listening to God

Learn how to have a two-way conversation with God. Learn to journal these moments of clarity and set up reminders for your daily prayer rhythm. 

Praising God
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