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Group App

PrayerLincs is a group app uniquely serving all the needs of your communities! You can be a member of unlimited groups! They can be 100 people or two friends! 

In our My Groups module you can:

Share Prayers

Send Messages


Share Photos

View Profiles

See Calendar Events

We believe our prayers deserve and need to be elevated in our lives! We emphasize prayers by providing separate channels for prayers and messages!

Add the ability to attach photos, view member profiles and see calendar events and the result is a custom app for faith groups!

PrayerLincs is especially designed for you too! Create your own unique set of groups! Your life most likely spans across various communities. Knit them together in PrayerLincs! 

Church small groups

Women's Bible studies

Men's Bible studies

Christian Schools

Christian ministries

Prayer Partners


Families & friends

Discover the power of having prayer requests from all your groups in one place! Experience the convenience of having your group contacts at your fingertips!


No longer use emails or generic group apps to connect. Join PrayerLincs today and start your own faith network that will enhance your spiritual life and others our group prayer app!

Prayer App

PrayerLincs is also a prayer app. We believe a quality quiet time is important for you to grow in Christ!


We provide you the resources in our My Prayers module for a quality time!

Private Prayer Journal

PrayerLincs provides every member a private prayer journal!

Enter your private prayers manually or copy them from your shared group prayers

Assign and filter prayers by category

Archive answered prayers to remember God's provision for you

Use the prayer app solo or along with our group app!


Prayerlincs provides access to 30 daily devotionals from churches, ministries and pastors



PrayerLincs provides links to the Bible and 12 different Bible reading plans

PrayerLincs provides the framework and brings together the resources for you to build your prayer life and relationship with God like no other platform!


PrayerLincs connects Christians in prayer and fellowship!


Download from App Store or Google Play for cell phones and tablets


Bookmark for web access on PCs and laptops


PrayerLincs is a free prayer app!

Your information is encrypted in transit and at rest.


We do not sell your personal information to third parties.


You may remove your posts and profile information at anytime.

Currently available in United States

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