PrayerLincs connects Christians in prayer and fellowship and keeps your personal private prayers all in one place!

We believe prayer is the most intimate and personal way we communicate. When we share prayers with others we are inviting them to unite with us in our relationship with God. PrayerLincs desires to be a dedicated place where your prayers can be shared within the groups and communities that are a part of your life.

A reverent place that allows you to step away from your various social media connections and step into a spiritual space to focus on what matters, no matter where you are.

After Christ, the church is first and foremost in connecting us. However, we also form relationships and gain strength from other Christian associations. These relationships might be at work or school, with a Christian ministry, home Bible study, or family and friends in our city, across the country and even around the world.

We primarily share our prayer requests verbally or electronically through overcrowded channels such as email or other social media. These environments tend to minimize our requests and we often times treat the other communications of our life as more important.


David looked out and saw the tabernacle where the Lord dwelled and said "See now I dwell in a house of cedar but the ark of God dwells in a tent." The Lord went on to inspire David to build the temple which Jesus called a House of Prayer.


PrayerLincs desires to honor the Lord by providing you a better way to share your prayer requests and connect with your Christian communities and friends.